Farrah Abraham & Boyfriend Simon Saran Back on ‘Teen Mom OG’

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Good times with this goof ball! #sandiego #lajolla

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Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran

While many of us thought Farrah Abraham would not return to Teen Mom OG after her fights with production last season, we’re happy to see she’s back and her relationship with Simon Saran is back on as well. In fact, Saran has been posting footage of the two of them as recent as this past week, so it appears they are still together. Even so, the drama continues right from the start when Abraham’s mother Debra fights with Saran on the season premiere of the show. Debra Danielson says to Saran:

One of my greatest needs is respect. So if you fuck with my respect, it doesn’t make me happy. So … I’ve never once been [convicted] of anything [for] domestic violence, of hurting anybody. Like, you think I’m a liar and like I’m full of bullshit.

Saran’s response is that he hasn’t said bad things about her and he also compares himself to her ex-husband, who is Abraham’s father, explaining:

I don’t need any judgmental things thrown at me,. You know, I’m very comparable to Michael. I’ll probably take that as a compliment. He works hard. He’s here all the time. He’s helping Farrah out. You may not appreciate that.

Danielson emphasizes that she has her daughter’s back and hopes that Saran does as well.

Though the relationship appears to be doing well, just four weeks ago, Abraham posted a link to an article about her breaking up with Saran. So, are Saran’s posts just throwbacks or is there relationship back on again.


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