Do Haley & Emily Ferguson Quit ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

On tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, the Ferguson twins, Haley and Emily, decide to call it quits. Instead of granting two bachelors roses, they opt to leave Paradise and go home. The two haven’t felt serious connections on the show and decide their time in Paradise has ended. They said they realize love isn’t a fairytale and it’s not right to lead on any of the guys if they do not feel lasting connections with anyone. When faced with passing out roses, the twins start to cry and say that they want to leave the show together. Their confessions about wanting to leave evokes tears in several of the cast members and the twins maintain that their intentions were to find love.

Also tonight, the twins decide to pull their buddy Nick Viall aside to talk about their concerns when it comes to cast member Josh Murray. They feel there are a lot of red flags when it comes to his relationship with Amanda Stanton and are starting to believe some of the negative things they’ve heard about Murray. Previously, Reality Steve reported:

The twins decided to not give out their roses and thus eliminate themselves. However, on their way out, they pulled Amanda aside to warn her about Josh’s intentions, and people in the house were concerned about him. This causes Josh to go off on everyone knowing that people are now talking about him. Kinda helps Andi’s case here about his “temper” since he pretty much blows up on everyone asking the whole group if anyone else has anything to say to him.

The twins want to confront Stanton about their feelings “before it’s too late.”

As for the unlucky bachelors sent home as a result of the twins leaving, the three bachelors sent home were Daniel Maguire, Ryan Beckett and Carl King.