Is Bethenny Frankel Quitting ‘Real Housewives of New York City’?

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Bethenny Frankel has had a lot of drama this season on the Real Housewives of New York City. From going through a messy divorce with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, to battling health issues stemming from fibroids, to dealing with a very outspoken group of women, Frankel has had a lot on her plate. In an interview with Us Weekly, it seems that Frankel may not return to the show next season, which would sadden all those Frankel fans out there. Frankel explains:

I’ve been definitely distancing myself from the show this summer … It was a long year – it’s definitely work. I’m glad that the audience is enjoying it, but I’ve left it behind … I live my life honestly. You have 50 percent of the cast that has a whole taboo, police line, ‘do not cross’ section of their life that is not discussed on camera and never has been. For legal issues and liability issues, Bravo doesn’t need to bring it up and it’s a difficult line to ride, and that may be why I don’t come back.

She continues to talk about this past season, stating:

It was very, very negative and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Something very dramatic happened … that questioned my integrity. If someone questions my business or my integrity I take it really seriously — I don’t just gloss over it. So I think that maybe the fun and light Bethenny that people expect, with the quips and the comebacks weren’t there.

So, what was so bad about this season for Frankel? Here’s our rundown of her most stressful moments:

– Battling fibroids that were basically taking over her life, causing tons of bleeding and requiring surgery.

– When Sonja Morgan came out with a brand that seemed to piggyback off Frankel’s Skinnygirl empire, it did not go over well. And, when Morgan was involving Frankel’s name in her talks with the media, Frankel was not happy about it. Morgan’s Prosecco line was called “Tipsy Girl.” Tipsy Girl also has a restaurant in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City.

– Privately going through a three-year-long divorce with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, which has finally ended and Frankel is now in a new relationship.

– Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Medhessian was clearly intoxicated and he entered into an argument with Frankel, accusing her business of being a “cheater brand”. He implied that she stole the name, taking it from the brand Skinnycow.

– She has sympathized yet also voiced her concern over fellow cast member Jules Wainstein’s weight, saying she is too thin. Frankel got into a heated discussion with Wainstein over the topic and Frankel defended her opinion and observations.

– Several times this season, Bethenny Frankel got into verbal disagreements with cast member Luann De Lesseps, even calling Luann a slut.

– At one point this season, Frankel says she receives text messages and a photo of Luann De Lesseps’ fiance Tom D’Agostino cheating on her. She feels she has no choice but to present this information to De Lesseps, even though the news is upsetting. According to People, D’Agostino was allegedly seen making out with a Playboy model at New York’s Regency Hotel just a day before his engagement party to De Lesseps. Whatever the case, the couple is still together and moving forward with the wedding.

As for what lies ahead for Frankel in the future, she told Us Weekly:

This is just a summer of freedom and doing what I want to do and definitely making some changes in my personal and professional life. I just launched a new watermelon-lime margarita with my new cocktail partners, so I’m deciding what my priorities are and how to lay it out.

Hopefully, we’ll see Frankel back on the show for season 9, but it doesn’t look good.

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