Does Jared Haibon Still Talk to Ashley Iaconetti & Caila Quinn?


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Surely no one can be worse than Ashley, the recent episodes just showed how fake, manipulative, selfish, annoying, dramatic she is. I really hate her


Ashley is a psychopath. She is emotionally unstable, manipulative and selfish. She does not own him and has no right to sabotage their relationship. Jared should put her in her place and ignore her.


I agree really annoying she just need to grow up. Really wanna slap her!


Caila is a tease and a player. She likes to be the center of attention and uses the men in her life , to make the other women envious and feel unimportant.
Not at all a fan


Caila is wishy washy at worst. I think she’s very sweet and a people pleaser. Where you get the idea that she is a tease and a player is baffling. She’s indecisive. If it was me and Jared had this dysfunctional relationship with Ashley then I’d be rethinking things too. It’s too soon to be emotionally invested in someone deeply enough to warrant staying. He’s sweet but he comes with Crazy as baggage. She’s hardly perfect but she’s likable, sweet but indecisive.


I agree with you. I think Caila is a people pleaser and that makes her wishy washy, she seems to struggle with how she really feels and doesn’t want to hurt anyone either. Ashley is very immature, Jared should have Man’d up along time ago instead of Not trying to hurt her feelings which only gives her false hope! It may not be Caila but Its Definately NOT going to work with Ashley, she needs to get that threw her thick skull….she has a lot of maturing to do as far as relationships go!

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