Does Jared Haibon Still Talk to Ashley Iaconetti & Caila Quinn?

The Jared, Ashley & Caila Love Triangle on BIP3

Jared Haibon had his hands full last season on Bachelor In Paradise when fellow cast member Ashley Iaconetti fell hard for him. Since the second season, the two have become good friends and Iaconetti has continued to have feelings for him. On a live episode of After Paradise, Iaconetti admitted she felt led on by Haibon who would send her flowers and do sweet things for her throughout the course of their friendship. When it comes to season 3 of the show, Haibon admitted to Glamour Magazine that he did not know Iaconetti was going to be a part of BIP3. He says she was probably not supposed to tell him. So, when Caila Quinn caught Haibon's eye on the show this season, he did not realize he would have to deal with a very emotional Iaconetti shortly after. Iaconetti come on the show and was extremely upset, saying Quinn betrayed her friendship, saying she would not go after Haibon on the show and that he wasn't really her type. Sure enough, Haibon was the first person that Quinn picked for a date. Unfortunately for Haibon, Quinn is not very sure about her feelings and goes back and forth on whether to stay with Haibon. Reality Steve reports that Iaconetti moves on with Wells Adams, who comes on the show. In addition, Haibon and Quinn decided to part ways and leave the show at some point.

So does Haibon still talk to either of the girls? Do the girls speak with one another? What's the deal? In an interview with Huffington Post, Quinn talked about her opinion about her agreement with Iaconetti prior to the show. Quinn explained: Ashley and I had hung out a couple of times. I still to this day think she’s super sweet and super genuine, and hope one day we can get back to where we were. Before “Paradise,” we had hung out and she said, “Caila, whatever you do, don’t come to Paradise, ‘cause I know Jared will like you.” And I said, “Don’t worry, I’m not coming. At the time, I was dating somebody. I had no intention of coming ... But, originally, I had mentioned to her I wouldn’t come. I had made that promise. And apparently I should have called her ... I should have called her, at the end of the day, [but] she was acting as if we were getting engaged, he’d gotten me a ring, and we were madly in love! Quinn has admitted that she still is fond of Iaconetti and hopes they will reconnect one day. As for Haibon and Iaconetti, read on in our gallery for the latest updates on who is talking to who and more. (Instagram - With Ashley)

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