Jeffrey Port, Whitney Port’s Father: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Whitney Port unfortunately lost her father Jeffrey when he was just 62 years old, but tonight on Hollywood Medium, clairvoyant Tyler Henry seems to come into contact with Port’s late dad. Jeffrey Port lost his cancer battle in 2013 and left behind a family who loved him. For more information on Port’s father, the love they shared and her reading with Tyler Henry, read on below.

1. Jeffrey Port Battled Kidney Cancer For a Year

Whitney Port lost her father after a year-long battle with kidney cancer in 2013. When Port sits down with clairvoyant Tyler Henry, he seems to connect to her dad and says that dad Jeffrey wants to communicate that he felt an “immediate sense of relief and comfort” upon his passing.

2. The Ports Were a Family of Seven Before Dad Jeffrey’s Passing

Jeffrey Port left behind five children and wife Vicki Lyn Port, upon his death. Whitney Port has one brother named Ryan and three sisters – Ashley, Paige, and Jade. All six of Whitney’s family members watched her reading with Hollywood Medium’s Henry live from another room. In an excerpt from Jeffrey Port’s obituary, his love of his family as well as sports is described as this:

Jeff was the idyllic husband and father as well as his family’s hero. He will be forever remembered as a role model to young and old and an incredible athlete with immeasurable strength, having been drafted by the LA Dodgers in 1972. In his private life he was a dedicated coach and mentor to both boys and girls whose lives he enriched through his vast knowledge of baseball and the positive values of team sports. His family was blessed with love, kindness and affection of the deepest nature for all the years that Jeff touched their lives.

Jeffrey Port’s passing was described as leaving while hand-in-hand with his family.

3. Whitney Port’s Dad Owned the Fashion Company Swarm

The apple does not fall far from the tree as Port’s father Jeffrey was the owner of the fashion company Swarm. Meanwhile, Whitney has followed in his footsteps with her jewelry line and fashion line Whitney Eve. In an interview with Us Weekly, Whitney talked about her loss and how it also related to her work, saying:

I worked with my father so I feel like I’m trying to work even harder to do what he would want me to do and to motivate myself and live up to what our goals were. Obviously times are hard, but I’m the kind of person who is going to rise above it.

4. Months After Her Father’s Death, Port Became Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Tim Rosenman

Whitney Port’s father died in March 2013 and in November 2013, Port became engaged to her boyfriend Tim Rosenman. The couple met when Port was filming her reality show The City, where Rosenman worked as a producer. They began dating in 2012 and married in 2015. When it came to the couple’s crossing the line into romance, Port told Daily Mail that she made the first move, explaining:

I definitely made the first move. I got his phone number and made up some excuse why I needed to reach him for something…I kind of felt he was never gonna try it with me. He’s not shy, but I know in his past with girls he had difficult making the first move. And I know, because of our jobs—because I was the talent and he was the producer — he wasn’t going to cross that line. It had to be me, you know.

This past February 2016, Whitney’s sister Jade also tied the knot.

5. When Her Father Died, Whitney Port Wrote An Open Letter to Him Online

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Happy Birthday Dad! Will celebrate you always. 😇

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After the death of her father, Whitney Port wrote an open letter dedicated to him online, titled “I Love You Forever and Always.” She started off the letter by writing:

Dear Dad, I’d like to start off by telling you how much I love you and how much I miss you,” she begins. “I miss your love, your voice and mostly right now just your touch. If I had to live my life once over I wouldn’t change anything. Even if it meant losing you too soon, it would be worth all of the tears in the world because you were simply the greatest.

And Whitney ended the heartfelt post with this conclusion:

Until the day we meet again, our family will not be complete, but know we will thrive forever in your honor and live to make you smile.

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