Jeremiah Raber & Wife Carmela Mendez – ‘Return to Amish’

Jeremiah Raber & Carmela Mendez

Jeremiah Raber stars on Return to Amish and announces that he is going to get married to his girlfriend Carmela Mendez. Mendez and Raber have tied the knot in real life as of this past Spring and a wedding photo was posted online and snatched up by Starcasm, who later took down the photo, explaining: Carmela has since removed the wedding photo she posted, and at the request of Jeremiah, we have removed it from the post. If they reconsider and decide to share photos publicly again, we will update the post. The couple married in an intimate ceremony in Mendez's hometown of Vancouver, Washington. In June 2016, Jeremiah was working on a film and Starcasm reports a statement being released from the set's production. The statement said that: The decision was made to release an actor from the production for his actions that we do not approve ... lying about conversations that never happened, sexual advancements made to one of the actresses and the repeated statements made by this actor of how he wasn’t sure of his participation with the film. Jeremiah later released a statement about what happened, explaining: People make mistakes and I’m one of them. In no way am I saying what I did was right but I can promise that it wasn’t what others made it out to be. Me and Carmella have worked through it and will stand strong til the end. As for wife Carmela, she stated: Just wanted to say I’m fully aware of what happened. We are trying to get through this tough time ... We’ve all made mistakes in life, Jeremiah and I had a rocky start and this would be one of our worst and in order to get to the better we have to overcome this situation. For more information on the couple, click through our gallery of their best Instagram photos. (Instagram/JRaber1)