What Kanye West Talked About at the 2016 VMAs On Stage

Kanye West was given four minutes of free time and tonight’s 2016 VMAs and he didn’t show up for rehearsal earlier today, as reported by TMZ. So, people had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth. Would he perform? Would he preach?

What Yeezy decided to do was present his new video, but he wanted to “talk” first.

Kanye started out with a joke, saying that he always wishes for Beyonce to win, poking fun at all his Taylor Swift VMAs controversy in the past. He walked out on stage to his song “Famous” and definitely set the tone for his talk. Kanye wanted to preach about fame, saying how he didn’t like Anna Wintour sitting next to Donald Trump. He then took a fun jab at Ray J, his girl Kim Kardashian’s ex. And, then he shouted out to his own ex Amber Rose in the audience before applauded wife Kim.

He went on to talk about shootings and his talking to fans about their friends dying around them. Kanye said that he talks to older, rich, “white people” about these situations, who tell him to not compare himself to these issues. Kanye then put himself in the same category as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney.

After talking about being a leader in music, Kanye presented his new music video “Fade,” which featured a woman named Teyana Taylor, dancing around in a gym, wearing a thong.

The video seemed to be Flashdance inspired. In addition, it showed Taylor having sexy in the gym shower with her man Iman Shumpert Jr., ending with her naked, surrounded by sheep, her baby Junie and her man. Oh, and Taylor’s face had morphed into a cat’s face … Yup.

Check out another seriously hot pic of Teyana Taylor in the below Instagram pic.

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