Stage 1, Vegas Finals of ‘American Ninja Warrior’: Who Made It?

Competitors Who Made It Through Stage 1: Thomas Stillings, Daniel Gil, Brian Arnold, Jessie Graff, Chris Wilczewski, Grant McCartney, Flip Rodriguez, Michael Torres.

In order for competitors to have advanced to the next round, they had to complete stage one of the four-stage course modeled after Mount Midoriyama in Japan in less than 2:20. Monday’s course included the Snake Run, the Propeller Bar, the Giant Log Grip, the Jumping Spider, Sonic Curve, the Warped Wall, Broken Bridge, and the Flying Squirrel.

Thomas Stillings

Stilling's Facebook reads, "I am a competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a fulltime parkour and gymnastics coach at Love Gymnastics. I love inspiring the next generation of athlete." (Facebook/ThomasStillings)