#LouisTakeCareOfYourself: Fans Tweet Concerns Over Louis Tomlinson’s Health

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Louis Tomlinson on April 29. (Getty)

Fans of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to wonder about his health after new photos of him surfaced, showing him appearing to be much thinner. They have been using the hashtag #LouisTakeCareOfYourself, which has been trending worldwide. This isn’t the first time that fans have been concerned by Tomlinson’s looks.

The photos that sparked the concern were published by The Daily Mail, showing Tomlinson on a date with girlfriend Danielle Campbell. He was seen wearing a white t-shirt that had “t-shirt” written on it. Some Tomlinson fans have been tweeting photos of Tomlinson, comparing the photos taken this week with photos from the past.

Others think that the concern is misplaced.

This Isn’t The First Time Fans Have Been Concerned About Tomlinson’s Health

Louis Tomlinson, Louis tomlinson health, Louis Tomlinson Twitter, One Direction

Tomlinson with Liam Payne in February 2016. (Getty)

This isn’t the first time Tomlinson’s fans have been concerned about Tomlinson’s health. As The Innquisitr notes, a photo from December 2015 similarly caused concern with “#LouisWeSupportYou” showing up on Twitter. Speculation was that his mood had changed by negative press coverage following the birth of his son with Briana Jungwirth.

Tomlinson has not commented tweeted about his health recently. His last tweet came on August 24 after he arrived back in England after a trip abroad.