Nick Viall, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2016: The BIP3 Crush of the Moment

Nick Viall

Nick Viall is one of the cast members to watch on <em>Bachelor In Paradise 2016 as he's the crush of several women and gets caught in the web of a former rival, which leads to both love and heartbreak. If you do NOT want to know major spoilers from BIP3, STOP READING NOW. For those of you who want the dirt and the latest news on Viall, let's get started. Nick Viall is vocal about wanting to meet series villain Chad Johnson, but when Johnson arrives, Viall changes his tune as he isn't a fan of Johnson's behavior towards women. In fact, Viall recently voiced his disdain for Johnson's disrespect via Twitter, writing: Mad props 2 my great friend @sarahherron 4 standing up for women. "I'm kidding" will never justify disrespecting women #BachelorInParadise. Aside from his beef with Johnson, Viall is pursued and crushed on by several women on the show this season. When Leah Block comes on the scene, she asks Viall out on a date, which goes very well. But, when Viall gets a date card to pick a woman to hang out with, he goes for cast member Amanda Stanton. Block is, of course, upset. Things go well with Viall and Stanton until Viall's former rival Josh Murray shows up and sweeps Stanton off her feet. Recently, Murray and Stanton have been photographed hanging out together with her two young daughters, so it looks like Murray got the girl once again. But, Viall isn't completely out of luck as Reality Steve reports that he finds love this season with Jen Saviano, but they don't last. For more information on Viall, his shady past, his modeling career and BIP3 spoilers, click through our gallery of his best Instagram pics in addition to photos from this season of BIP3. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)