Swipey Dead in Shooting: Photos to Remember Rapper

An 18-year-old rapper was shot dead at a party in his mother's house after a fight involving a girl escalated. record label, Kevin Baldwin, tweeted a tribute to the deceased rapper saying, "May Allah have mercy on him. This stupid mentality has to stop!! #missingyoualready #notbywordsbyaction #word2dawise." Swipey, known for his viral hits "Best Friend" and "Dirty" had just dropped his album, Sorry Not Sorry, in July, had worked with artists Shy Glizzy and Lil Durk during his short life. He was 18 years old.

His manager, Kevin Baldwin, told Heavy.com, citing family members, that Swipey was fighting with a girl that he "used to mess with" at a party in Suitland, Maryland. The fight happened at his mother's house, at around 1 a.m. on August 21. Baldwin said that Swipey had "messed around" with the girl in question around six months previous but wasn't with her at the time of his death. A friend of Swipey's wrote on Twitter that the rapper was shot in the head "twice close range."

Swipey was pronounced dead at the scene, along Parkway Terrace Drive in Suitland. Baldwin told Heavy that Swipey and the girl were constantly fighting with resulted in Baldwin becoming a "Dr. Phil" figure. In one instance, Baldwin said the girl stole Swipey's clothes while he was in the shower and posted photos of the swag to Instagram.

Here are the photos that help to celebrate the life of Swipey, a life that was ended far too soon:




may allah have mercy on him. this stupid mentality has to stop11 just priceless111 but i agree, stupid muslim ideology must end right now1111 but srsly, i was going to say that stupid nĂ­ggerpunk got wacked over even more stupid crazy bitch shit; but then i looked at the front pic 8) and if that’s her then damn, i’ll take my words back; because she was def worth it11111 anyhow he obv made some bad decisions that let to his dimise; but it was the life that he chose for himself…


Douglas was a nice kid in school, but made some bad decisions. He was expelled during his senior year for dealing weed from his locker, but was allowed to graduate with his class. I had hoped he would go to college and get on track. I feel for his close friends and family.

Sincerely Annoyed

Did you really have to put that out there? That’s completely irrelevant! A simple “my heart goes out to his family” would have been just fine but instead you try to bring up negative things about the boy and make him look bad… Smh Check yourself!!


So that means he had to pay the ultimate price because he dealt weed?

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