‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Predictions: Who Will Be the Next Star?

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UPDATE: Nick Viall is the official star of the next Bachelor 2017 season. Click here for the details.

On tonight’s episode of After Paradise, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, the next star of The Bachelor 2017 is reported to be announced. So, who do you think it could be?

Our biggest hope is that fan-favorite Luke Pell will be the next Bachelor, though it will break our hearts to see him kissing all these other women. But, creator Mike Fleiss has said that Pell is not the next star of the show. Chase McNary could have been a good choice, but his reaction to his being rejected by JoJo Fletcher may make it difficult for him to be cast as The Bachelor. McNary was vocal about his upset on the show when Fletcher dumped him inside the fantasy suite. But, he did try to redeem himself the next day at the rose ceremony, apologizing for his behavior, so he still has a chance at the gig.

Luke Pell is more of a predictable choice, especially because of the eloquent way he handled his rejection on the show. Pell visibly felt blindsided and was heartbroken, which made viewers weep for him. And, he dealt with Fletcher’s break up like a gentleman.

Even though Luke Pell has been a favorite, in a poll executed by Access Hollywood in recent weeks, Chase McNary actually came out as the favorite candidate for the next Bachelor. Check out the results in the below photo.

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(Access Hollywood)

If Luke Pell and Chase McNary aren’t up for the gig, there have been rumors that Nick Viall could be a candidate. However, Reality Steve reports that Viall dates Jen Saviano on Bachelor In Paradise this season, so we’re guessing that theory is blown … unless the couple has since broken up. There’s also just something inside of us that crosses our fingers for a major curve ball, possibly making Jared Haibon the new Bachelor. The possibilities are endless.

Show creator Mike Fleiss has recently been posting tweets with clues about the identity of the next Bachelor star. Check out all the tweets below.

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