‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Proposal: See the Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring

On tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette 2016, Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers each sat down with famous jewelry designer Neil Lane to pick out each of their perfect engagement rings to propose to JoJo Fletcher with … but Jordan Rodgers got to be the man who Fletcher accepted as her true love.

Neil Lane has designed the rings for The Bachelor and Bachelorette for many seasons and this season is no different.

Jewelry designer Lane once told USA Today:

I make these rings with love and compassion, and really hoping that these people stay together. And, what happens afterwards? I don’t know. If they break up, the ring, it goes to ring heaven. There are a bunch of rings in ring heaven and God is watching them — and probably trying them on!


Recently, JoJo Fletcher told InStyle about her dream engagement ring and she revealed:

For the last few years, I’ve thought a lot about the type of ring I’d want and I always go back and forth about the different cuts. I always lean towards a more simple setting. Instead of multiple large stones, I love one big rock on a dainty, small band. Something timeless.

Think Neil Lane’s beautiful ring met JoJo’s expectations?


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