Who Died On the Finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Tonight?

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On tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the finale was action-packed and we found out who was behind all the tormenting that’s been going on. Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall lured the Liars to a house specifically to kill them and end it all. Unfortunately for Noel, he ended up decapitated when he tried to attack some of the girls with an axe.

Soon after, Spencer ended up getting shot by Jenna. Fortunately, Jenna was stopped by Mary Drake before she could finish the job. Spencer appeared to be dying when Mary Drake confessed to being her mother.

In the next scene, Spencer’s true love Toby was shown bloodied next to his fiancee Yvonne Phillips as the two have gotten into a car accident.

Based on the finale episode, with Spencer and Toby’s goodbye kiss, we think they’ll end up together next season. So, we’re guessing that Yvonne will be killed off, though PLL viewers have been currently left with no answers.

Another big reveal on the finale was that Ali is pregnant and now she and Emily may be together. And, Ezra was reunited with his former love Nicole and Aria had to watch their love-filled reunion on television. Oh, and we still don’t know who the ultimate villain truly is …

Check out the promo for next season to get you ready for the End Game.

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