Who Gets Evicted Tonight on ‘Big Brother 18’? 8/4/2016

Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers were up on the block tonight after Paulie won the power of veto and saved himself. Paul decided to give Da’Vonne a hint that she was going up on the block just in case she had a round trip ticket to stay in the game. Both Paul and Paulie were scheming to have Da’Vonne booted from the house. In addition, Bridgette, along with several others, were gunning for Da’Vonne to be sent home. While chatting with Paul, Da’Vonne tried to figure out what the game plan was …

This past week, a secret room revealed plane tickets with one hidden round trip ticket to keep a contestant safe and in the game. Does one of these two girls have a round trip ticket?

When Da’Vonne had a heart-to-heart with James, James decided to try to save his friend even though he was originally going to back-stab her … but this decision was only temporary. As each of the girls pleaded their cases up on the block, they gave shout-outs and tried to keep things positive. Unfortunately for Da’Vonne, James and many of the other houseguests voted for her.

Da’Vonne Rogers was evicted tonight.

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