Who is Joe Jonas Dating?

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Joe Jonas performing with DNCE in May 2016. (Getty)

Since breaking up with Gigi Hadid last fall, Joe Jonas has been seen with two other women. He confirmed earlier in August that he is dating, but wouldn’t say who. However, it looks like he’s dating Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

On November 5, Turner and Jonas were seen together at a party in The Netherlands before the MTV Europe Music Awards. On November 27, Jonas shared a photo from a friend’s wedding and those photos included Turner.

“I’m dating, but nothing serious. I’m really trying to just focus on myself and the music,” the “Cake by the Ocean” singer told Us Weekly on August 5. “Overall, I’m doing me right now and I think that’s important.”

Hadid and Jonas called it quits in November after five months of dating. A source told E! News that their schedules “started affecting their relationship.”

Another source told People Magazine that “nothing series happened” to cause the breakup. However, there was speculation that he has written a break-up song about their relationship.

“Songwriting is an artist’s way of expressing their journal and their personal life,” Jonas told Entertainment Tonight in April. “I don’t really do much speaking on my personal life, so the fact that I get to probably answer a few questions — people are wondering what I’m thinking about — so it’s nice to be able to put that out there.”

In that same interview though, Jonas said that fans will “definitely know who it’s about” when that song he was referencing on Twitter comes out.

In February 2016, Jonas was spotted with Costa Rican model Juliana Herz. They were seen together again in July, when they grabbed lunch in Studio City, California.

Last year, Herz was included in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016 Casting Call.

Between February and July, Jonas was seen with Eileen Kelly. Kelly is an Instagram star, with over 389,000 followers at her @killerandasweetthang profile.

The 20-year-old Kelly did an interview with The New York Post in January to respond to critics who’ve compared her to Lolita. The comparisons have been sparked by controversial photos, including censored nudes she’s posted on the social network.

“I took a whole class on [Lolita],” Kelly told the Post. “She’s a 12-year-old girl in distress. It’s written from his side of the story and she’s dating this 60-year-old. That’s not normal. I don’t think I give off that vibe.”

Jonas has been busy with his band, DNCE, which will be touring this fall. Their first album is scheduled for October, so he might have some difficulty juggling dating with his career.