EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Viktor Kee of ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016

Viktor Kee America's Got Talent


Viktor Kee is a unique and talented juggler on America’s Got Talent. Check out our exclusive interview with him below.

What inspired you to develop your appearance and the look you have for your performances?
I’ve gotten inspired by many elements along the way, theater, stories, music and fine art works. The look is simply a human body with its own energy. The goal is to show to the viewers the ability of the human body. In my case, I am using juggling as a form of expression of such ability and I mix it with other forms of performing arts along the way.

I read that growing up, you attended circus school. Tell me about that experience.
That is my circus studio called “Uday” in a little town Priluki, where I grew up. Since 5 years old I was captivated by the world of circus, theater and dance. This studio was a window for my imagination, a source for anything I wanted to be. All I am today is owed to that little place back then. Imagine a place where a kid at 5 years old decides to be a performer and never looks back. Crazy to realize that I never ever had to ask myself who I want to be in life. It was all decided for me there, in that studio…

I understand family is of great importance to you, much like many of the contestants. How has family shaped who you are today?
My dear Mom Larysa was a great dancer and when I was a 1-4 years old I travelled with her with a dance group. I believe that is exactly where I got my artistic Me was “formed”. My mom had to stop her Dancing career because of difficult times to handle two kids on her own as our father left us when I was 5. She sacrificed all she had at that time as a dancer to makes us kids to be who we are. Now i am there for her. All of me is fully dedicated to my family. Forever.

This experience has been a very emotional one, I can imagine. How have you pushed through?
frankly I am overwhelmed but in a way I am so happy. It is important to try and take the emotions and nerves and place them on a right track – take all that and use in a positive way.

What do you feel makes you stand out from other juggling acts?
The fact that what I do represents who I really am. I perform my ideas only. I do not take music that are popular or costumes that are in trend now to be more successful. I stick to my way – all the way. I believe it makes me original and unique in some way.
Love the quote: “Be yourself, all other characters are taking…” Same would apply for the stage, so I try to represent my vision and my way. Nothing would makes me to change that.

Which of the judges do you really look forward to hearing feedback from during the show?
All of them have a very different and valid opinions. I love all of the. If to be selective then Howie and Simon are the ones I value a lot.

For curious fans, what are you like in life outside the show and behind the makeup?
Family and friends type. Late night person. Sleep a lot 9-10 hours/day generally. Workoholic and must Multitask, one thing at the time bord me to deaths. Well… Cant cook at all :) so mostly eat in the restaurants. Love Classical Music, Fine Arts, smoke cigars and I do Golf.
That is а short Picture of Me.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?
I want to inspire millions and leave something special behind me in the performing art world.
Another huge Dream is to Open a Performing Art Center for the Children where I can develop system of my way of working and developing artistic ideas and talents. Wining AGT would give me that possibility ot realize this dream into a reality.

How would you describe the experience of being on AGT and getting to know the other contestants?
Simply wonderful. Tons of amazing talents and great people. Love them all.

Do you have planned once AGT has wrapped this season?
Yes, I do have plans and it is like a puzzle solving at this time. So many amazing things are happening and I want to be in all of them :)

How can your fans vote for you on the finale?
There are numerous ways to vote, via AGT or NBC App and on line, or simply calling. Not to forget that it is allowed to vote 10 times under one email account or make 10 calls. So please use all possibly numbers of votes as sometime few votes a part can change the overall result
I am counting on my fans and supporters. Thank you to all… Without you I would not be here. Grateful dearly.