Force Friday Guide: Where to Buy Exclusive ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Toys

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Stormtroopers at last year’s Force Friday event at the old Toys R Us in Times Square. (Getty)

With Disney planing on releasing at least one Star Wars movie a year through 2020, Force Friday is becoming an annual thing. Last year, Disney and its partners used September 4 as a launch date for all Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys and products. This year, September 30 is Force Friday once again, as Disney launches Rogue One: A Star Wars Story products.

It is true that the excitement for Rogue One is nowhere near the fever-pitch The Force Awakens reached last year. Even Disney chief Bob Iger admitted earlier this month that the film isn’t expected to make as much money as The Force Awakens did. Force Friday will go a long way to reminding the average person that a new Star Wars film is coming out on December 16 and will help fans get even more excited about the new crop of characters.

For retailers, it’s also an important event and hopefully it will be better than last year’s disaster, when many fans went to stores only to not find toys. It paled in comparison to the Midnight Madness events for the prequels.

Of course, some retailers will also have exclusives, like they did last year. It’s another way to get people in the door. Now, we just have to hope that the figures are in stock. Here’s your guide to what stores are doing on September 30.

Toys ‘R’ Us Is Opening at Midnight & Has the Exclusive Hovertank Pilot

Imperial Hovertank Pilot, Toys R Us Force Friday, Force Friday exclusives

The 6″ Imperial Hovertank Pilot is a Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive, much like last year’s First Order Snowtrooper Captain. (Hasbro)

Toy ‘R’ Us is planning a midnight opening at all stores across the country. Fans will also get a free poster and T-shirt at the door.

The cimpany highlighted four major products they are expected to have. There’s a NERF Glowstrike Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster and the TIE Striker vehicle with a 3.75″ TIE Pilot packed in. Two-packs of 3.75″ figures will also be available at Toys ‘R’ Us.

The best of the exclusives available on Force Friday is the 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank figure, which you can only get at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Walmart Gets the ‘Smart R2-D2’

R2-D2, Smart R2-D2, Force Friday exclusives, Force Friday toys, Rogue One toys

You can only get the Smart R2-D2 at Walmart. (Hasbro)

Walmart and Target haven’t announced anything special for Force Friday, but the two stores will have their own exclusives. Walmart’s big one is the “Smart R2-D2,” which will retail at $99.99. Using a free smartphone app, you can control R2-D2 and use voice commands. It’s not known if R2 is supposed to be in Rogue One, so this is an odd exclusive. Perhaps a remote-control K-2SO would have been difficult.

Target’s Exclusive is a NERF Blaster

Captain Cassian Andor, NERF blaster, Star Wars NERF gun, Star Wars Rogue One toys, Rogue One toys, Force Friday exclusives

The Captain Cassian Andor NERF blaster is a Target exclusive. (Hasbro)

Hasbro is really pushing NERF with Rogue One. NERF missiles started to creep in on the Force Awakens ships and now they will be included with almost all of the Rogue One ships. There will also be a wide range of blasters, including Target’s exclusive Captain Cassian Andor blaster. That one retails for $79.99.

Even KMart Gets an Exclusive Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso toys, Jyn Erso Kmart, Jyn Erso Kmart exclusives, Star Wars Rogue One toys, Rogue One Force Friday, Force Friday exclusives

KMart’s latest Black Series exclusive is Jyn Erso (Mountain Base). (Hasbro)

Kmart might be closing another 64 stores, but if you still have one nearby, there’s a reason to go Friday. The retailer will have an exclusive Jyn Erso 6″ Black Series figure with a Mountain Base. The retail on that is $24.99, just $5 more than a standard Black Series figure.

Amazon Has an Exclusive Shadow Trooper Helmet

Shadow Trooper helmet, Shadow Trooper, Force Friday Amazon, Force Friday 2016

The Shadow Trooper helmet will only be available on (Hasbro)

Is white too plain for you? Then you can order the Shadow Trooper Black Series helmet from This is the same as the white Black Series Stormtrooper helmet that will be available in stores for $79.99, except painted all-black.

The LEGO Store Has an Exclusive Mini-Figure That Has Nothing to Do With ‘Rogue One’

LEGO U-Wing, Star Wars LEGO sets, Star Wars LEGO, Force Friday toys, Force Friday

The LEGO U-Wing set will be available on Force Friday. (LEGO)

If you like LEGO sets more than Hasbro’s offerings, you can get a free Darth Revan mini-figure if you order any Star Wars set at the LEGO Store online or in LEGO Stores. Darth Revan doesn’t have anything to do with Rogue One and isn’t even a part of the new Disney canon. (He was introduced in the Knights of the Old Republic.) The figure was previously available on May The Fourth in 2014.

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