Who Won ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 7 Tonight?

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On tonight’s grand finale of America’s Got Talent 2016, the winner of the season and the million-dollar prize was revealed … Grace Vanderwaal.

The episode was filled with performances from each of the top 10 finalists, who collaborated with past performers, special celebrity guests and current cast memberes as well. Tape Face used four of the male finalists to assist in his act. Meanwhile, The Clairvoyants brought Paula Abdul on as a part of their performance. The remaining 10 contestants included:

Comedian Mime Tape Face

Magician Jon Dorenbos

Juggler Viktor Kee

Opera Singer Laura Bretan

Singer Grace Vanderwaal

Crooner Sal Valentinetti

Contorionist Sofie Dossi

Singer Brian Justin Crum

Vocal Group Linkin’ Bridge

Mentalists The Clairvoyants

Part of the way through tonight’s finale, the top 10 acts were narrowed down to the top 5. As the acts were revealed, the judges appeared nervous and jittery in their seats. And the top 5 consisted of … Sal Valentinetti, Jon Dorenbos, Singer Grace Vanderwaal, The Clairvoyants and Brian Justin Crum.

The act who finished in fifth place tonight was Sal, followed by Brian Justin Crum in fourth place. Both singers told host Nick Cannon that the experience on the show has been amazing and that this is just the beginning for each of them. Mel B gushed that she wants front row seats whenever Crum has his first big concert. Less than 1% of the votes separated the top three finalists tonight. And, the person in third place was Jon Dorenbos, which appeared to shock the judges. The left Grace Vanderwaal up against The Clairvoyants, but it was Grace Vanderwaal who won.