‘Grease’ Fan Theory: Sandy Was Dead During the Whole Movie

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Grease. (cover from Amazon.com)

Grease has a happy ending, right? Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) drive off into the sunset, happy after Sandy changed everything about herself so Danny would like her again. But there’s a more sinister view of the beloved musical that’s earned attention again. It’s the theory that Sandy was actually dead the entire time. It’s like the infamous Paul McCartney is Dead theory.

Although the theory dates back to 2013, it is getting extra attention now thanks to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. She brought up the theory on Facebook earlier this week. “Wait this has blown my mind- has anyone heard this theory about the movie #Grease,” she wrote.

How the Theory Works

Grease – Summer Nights HD2011-06-28T20:39:54.000Z

Back in 2013, Reddit user Atomicbolt posted a theory that Sandy actually died at the beginning of the film when the couple were at the beach. “I saved her life, she nearly drowned,” Danny sings in “Summer Nights.” The theory is that she really did drown and nearly died.

Atomicbolt explains:

As she drowned, her brain deprived of oxygen, she had a vivid coma fantasy involving her summer fling Danny, where they shared a magical year of high school together. The visions get increasingly outlandish as time passes, until finally, as Danny desperately tries to resuscitate her on the beach, she sees herself flying into Heaven in her dying moments. The entire movie was a drowning woman’s coma fantasy.

There’s Another Theory That Suggests Sandy Died

Grease – Sandra Dee Reprise (Goodbye to Sandra Dee)2011-02-02T12:54:16.000Z

Another theory posted on the Reddit thread suggests that Sandy killed herself because “the last line of ‘Look at me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)’ is ‘Goodbye to Sandra Dee.'”

“Everything that happens in the last scene is just a little TOO perfect,” Reddit user Randomd0g wrote. “Danny and Sandy are back together despite everything, Rizzo SUDDENLY isn’t pregnant AND Kenickie suddenly decides that he actually loves her, the geeky kid gets onto the sports team, EVERYTHING is suddenly ok, just the way that sweet, innocent Sandy would have wanted it to be.”

These theories could ‘explain’ why the car suddenly starts flying at the end of the film. However, the real reason for the flying car is that Grease is a fictional musical fantasy, where stories usually have happy endings. There was also a scene earlier in the film when the shop teacher tells the class, “If it were in any better condition, it would fly.” Also, Sandy sings “Goodbye to Sandra Dee” because she has decided to change her personality to fit in better.

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