Who Is Laura Marano Dating? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

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Laura Marano is an actress, known for playing Ally Dawson in the hit Disney Channel series, Austin & Ally. The 20-year-old hails from Los Angeles, and was one of the five original classmates on the reality show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?. Her older sister, Vanessa Marano, is also an actress– best known for her roles as Luke’s daughter on Gilmore Girls and on the ABC Family series, Switched at Birth.

Marano will be judging Miss America along with Gabby Douglas, Ciara, Sara Foster, Cole Swindell, and former Miss America Sharle Wells Hawkes on Sunday, September 11. But what’s her dating life like these days? Does the actress have a boyfriend? Read on to find out.

In 2012, Laura Marano was rumored to have been dating co-star Ross Lynch.

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano

Ross Lynch (Getty)

Lynch co-starred as Austin Moon in the series, Austin & Ally. In a 2014 interview with j-14, he was vague about his relationship with Marano. The magazine writes, “While he says they’re just good friends, Ross hints that Laura could have some feelings for him! He says she gets “awkward” when people on set joke about their potential romantic relationship.” He added on that the two fight like an old married couple but “probably won’t date while they’re still working together.”

Marano has denied ever dating Lynch— she’s revealed that it would never work out, as they work together professionally.

Just last year, however, there were reports of another potential man in Marano’s life– Jason Mraz. Classical Lite writes, “The Disney Channel starlet recently revealed that her and Mraz are making music together. The two are hooking up to record an all new song together. Meanwhile, it is looking less and less likely that Laura and her Austin & Ally co-star Ross Lynch are not dating.”

Since then, there have been no reports on Marano’s love life. After all, she’s been busy working on the music video for her new song “La La”, starring the only Ken Jeong. Check it out below.


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Dear editor, Laura’s actual boyfriend is Andrew Gorin. They have been dating for 2 1/2 years

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