‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 18: Meet the Cast

Law & Order: SVU returns for its 18th season on NBC on September 21 with Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) still reeling from the death of Sgt. Mike Dodds (Andy Karl). Benson and the rest of the Special Victims Unit will have to put that aside during the season premiere to stop a mass-casualty event with the counter-terrorism unit.

The show is under a new leader this season. Showrunner Rick Eid, who also worked on Law & Order, is taking over from Warren Leight. "The show’s great and successful and we just want to keep doing great, high-quality work," he told Entertainment Weekly, so don't expect the show to change dramatically.

Still, Eid explained that there will be some natural changes. After all, the show is old enough to vote now. "Any time there’s an influx of new writers, things will change organically. Having said that, our goal is to reward longtime viewers and to pick up on all the things we feel the fans have really connected with and are excited about," Eid explained.

Click through for a look at the show's cast and a preview of what's to come. (Giovanni Ruffino/NBC)

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