Who Won ‘Big Brother 18’ Tonight?

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So, who won Big Brother 18 tonight? The winner this season is … Nicole Franzel.

Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling have made up the final three on Big Brother 18. The final Head of Household competition was rough and started with Paul excelling in the first round. In the end, Nicole and Paul were the final two contenders, but their fates in the HOH game would be decided in a game of trivia, with questions asked by host Julie Chen. Paul ended up winning HOH, which meant Nicole and James were on the chopping block.

In the meantime, the jury’s consensus was that James has coasted through the game and his strategies weren’t good enough to grant him the win for the season. When it comes to Paul, the jury members feel he’s a phenomenal player, but isn’t necessarily a good person. As for Nicole, half of the cast members felt she played a very good game while others didn’t think she had great strategy.

Paul ended up evicting James, which meant that Nicole was in the final two. The decision appeared to shock Nicole and this meant that James would join the other jury members. The jury now consisted of James, Corey, Victor, Natalie, Michelle, Da’Vonne, Paulie, Bridgette and Zakiyah.

As a group, the jury members came up with questions to ask the final two contenders before voting for who they want to win Big Brother 18. Natalie asked Paul about his being disrespectful and he said he’s not going to change and that he’s just having fun. Michelle asked Nicole what her big move in the game was and the questions continued. Victor asked Nicole if she was just riding the guys’ coattails on the show. Nicole said she was working behind the scenes a lot. Paul was asked why he should win the $500,000 over Nicole and he said it’s because he was always involved and put his heart into the game. As for Nicole, she said she deserved to win because she was constantly working on strategies and she did not feel her being a veteran gave her an advantage.

Both Paul and Nicole had a chance to plead their cases before the voting began and then the jury decided their fates.

The winner takes home a grand prize of $500,000 while the runner-up gets $50,000. And, as for America’s Favorite Houseguest, the winner was Victor.

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