Who Won ‘Masterchef’ Season 7 Tonight?

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On tonight’s finale for season 7 of Masterchef, the winner was finally chosen. And the winner is … Shaun O’Neale.

The top 3 cooks competed, creating their own three-course menus to impress the judges in hopes of winning a trophy, a book deal and a prize of $250,000. Prior to the official competition on the episode tonight, the judges ventured out to visit the finalists and find out what they had in store for their menus. Each of the contestants wanted to stick to their roots and personal style with their cooking yet show their growth on the show and try new things as well.

The three remaining chefs left in the competition tonight included school teacher Brandi Mudd, Vegas DJ Shaun O’Neale and poker player David Williams.

As for the guest judges, the two famous faces who appeared were Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud.

When it came to critiquing the food tonight, the judges had several debates when it came to their individual thoughts on each of the dishes. While the contestants took the judges’ criticisms fairly well, there was a moment when Shaun rubbed the judges the wrong way. Shaun felt he needed to defend his dish and Gordon Ramsay thought he had come off arrogant. At one point in the cooking process, contestant David nearly fell apart, fumbling his dish. It was definitely a challenging finale.