Star Wars Toys: New ‘Rogue One’ Hasbro Photos Reveal New Characters

Hasbro released another set of images from the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toy line, including images of the new AT-ACT vehicle, which you can see above. The vehicle will not come cheap, costing a whopping $299.99. But it at least comes with three figures, including Jyn Erso, the Imperial AT-ACT Driver and C2-B5. You can also use a smartphone app as a remote control to move the legs and head. The inside also has enough room for several more figures. Unfortunately, there's also a Nerf blaster attached to it, which isn't something collectors want to see.

In addition to the following figures, Hasbro announced a couple more products that aren't from Rogue One. Hasbro is planning on releasing a 3.75" two-pack with Poe Dameron in a really boring ouftit and a First Order Snowtrooper Commander. The basic 3.75" line will also include a Kanan Jarrus in Stormtrooper gear; Sabine Wren with her Rebels Season Two hairstyle and a newly-molded Kylo Ren. Hasbro also unveiled a new Stormtrooper helmet that will give fans the opportunity to sound just like a stormtrooper. It will set you back $79.99.

Click through for more photos! All of these toys are expected to be available on Force Friday, September 30. Hasbro also plans to sell them through (Hasbro)

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