‘The Goldbergs’ – ‘Breakfast Club’: Recap & Funniest Moments

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It was 1980-something and The Breakfast Club was the best movie for teens. It’s also what The Goldbergs pays tribute to in its first episode of season four. The Golberg kids are now all in high school, but Beverly won’t let them go. She’s now a substitute teacher, at least at the start of the episode.

“Breakfast Club” starts ABC’s Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. Follow along with us as we go through the funniest moments of the new episode.

The Goldbergs Season 4 "Breakfast Club Tribute" Promo (HD)Adam works on his new persona for the first day of high school that he hopes will up his coolness level. Meanwhile, Beverly gets her teaching certification to become a substitute teacher. But when she is demoted to sub-janitor, she sends the Goldberg kids to a Saturday detention, but it is Principal Ball who must…2016-09-18T11:00:00.000Z

After a quick recap of The Breakfast Club – in case you haven’t seen it – we see Adam trying his best to be the coolest high school student by emulating Judd Nelson. “Hobo who lives by a dumpster behind a Burlington Coat Factory,” Erica tells Adam. Erica, who is now a senior, has made it a goal to be the most popular girl in school. Barry is going to try just about every sport imaginable.

Beverly walks in and announces that she’s earned a teaching certificate so she can work as a substitute teacher at the high school. “I feel anger in my body!” Barry yells. Pop and Murray think it’s a good idea, since she can now get paid for embarrassing her children. The kids, of course, think mom is a “Monster who must be stopped!” Barry threatens Murray to get Beverly to quick or he’ll destroy everything Murray loves. (Murray doesn’t love much, though.)

The principal, Earl, is stunned that Beverly is now an employee. Earl never wants Beverly to work at the school, especially since the school doesn’t need a substitute teacher on the first day of school.

Adam’s friends are also wearing jackets and, once they are made fun of, they decide they can’t see each other until the end of the semester. Meanwhile, Erica is trying to avoid the love of her life, Geoff. (Remember – at the end of season three, she let Geoff go out with Evelyn, only to realize that she does love Geoff.) Meanwhile, Beverly is learning that the real teachers don’t like her and she gets stuck eating with the kids. Unfortunately, Adam, Erica and Lainey are stuck sitting there. Barry isn’t there, because he’s refusing to sit near his Mom the Monster. Lainey is stuck reading Barry’s messages.

Earl gives Lainey, Erica, Barry (even though he’s not there) and Adam Saturday detention for arguing with Beverly in the cafeteria. Then, because Beverly yelled out a curse during the argument, she gets fired.

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Adam has realized that his dream to live The Breakfast Club became all too real. Adam realizes that everyone is represents the characters of The Breakfast Club and refuses to admit that he’s the nerd. Unfortunately for him, Johnny Atkins showed up, so he’s really the bad boy now.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Murray and Pop try to cheer up Beverly. Murray realizes that she’s not happy and needs to work. He goes to Earl and requests that he lets her go back to work. Murray reminds Earl that he’s the boss and he can command Beverly to annoy someone else. Murray gets Beverly her job back, which surprisingly doesn’t make Beverly happy. Since Murray is at the school and Beverly refuses to go to the school, Murray takes over the detention and orders the kids to write an essay. … And then Barry crashes through the ceiling. He didn’t get very far in his escape attempt.

The Goldbergs Live Out The Breakfast Club – The GoldbergsAfter landing in Saturday morning detention, Adam Goldberg begins to notice some similarities between his friends and the cast of The Breakfast Club. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/mo7HqT2016-09-21T22:14:50.000Z

After the commercial, Adam refused to accept that no one was bonding and that real life isn’t like a John Hughes movie. Adam puts on “My Sharonah,” which actually does create the bonding Adam wanted. They end up in a “trust circle” and they all reveal how they were trying too hard to be someone they weren’t. … And somehow Beverly is in the circle. Adam realizes that Beverly is going through the same thing. Erica also figures out that Beverly always supports their dreams, so they should support her dream to be a teacher.

Later, at home, Adam gives Murray his essay, which he refuses to read. Adam delivers the highlights, which sound almost exactly like the essay at the end of The Breakfast Club, just refitted for The Goldbergs. As clips of Beverly doing great stuff, Adam once again lists why they need their mom and how they understood that none of them are a cliche. Also, the principal enjoys his new power – ordering Beverly to fix messes.

In the end, Adam figures out that they really aren’t as cool as the real Breakfast Club characters. Still, he poses just like Bender at the end of the movie, only to be disrupted by Beverly.

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