WATCH: Bernie Sanders Tells His Supporters to Pick Hillary Clinton on ‘Seth Meyers’

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Bernie Sanders on Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night. Even though it has been over a month since the Democratic National Convention, Sanders still had to make the case for why his supporters should vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Meyers noted that recent polls show that adding Jill Stein or Gary Johnson shows Clinton with less support than when it’s just a two-person race between her and Donald Trump. Meyers asked Sanders what he would tell his supporters now.

“Seth, this is what I would say… Look, what media does is focus on Trump’s personality and Clinton’s personality and my personality. What is personality, right? We got to get beyond personality,” Sanders said. “You don’t like Hillary Clinton? Fine. Take a hard look at the issues that impact your life. What Hillary Clinton is saying, she’s going to make public colleges and universities tuition free for all families earning $125,000 or less and deal significantly with student debt. You know what? That is a very big deal in this country.”

Sanders went on to outline other parts of Clinton’s plans. He said he would ask the people who voted for him in the primaries to look at the issues that impact them and “think whether or not you want Donald Trump to become president.”

“If you frame it that way, people will end up voting for Clinton,” Sanders said.