Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dylan Dreyer, Dylan Dreyer husband, Brian Fichera

Dylan Dreyer is a meteorologist for NBC News and the Today Show, often filling in for Al Roker and doing the forecasts on Weekend Today.

Dreyer has been a meteorologist in the northeast since earning her bachelors degree in meteorology at Rutgers University in 2003. The New Jersey-native worked in Erie, Pennsylvania, and in Providence, Rhode Island, before joining WHDH, the NBC affiliate in Boston, in 2007. She joined NBC News in New York in 2012.

Dreyer is married to NBC News cameraman Brian Fichera and the couple welcomed their first child on December 17, 2016. Dreyer worked right up until her baby was born, appearing on Today and NBC Nightly News.

Fichera announced on Instagram that their baby boy was born. Dreyer later shared photos of the baby, revealing that they named him Colin.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Met Dreyer at WHDH in Boston & Dreyer First Thought His Name Was Tom

Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer Husband, Today Show weather girl

Dreyer posted the above collage on their fourth anniversary. (Instagram/Dylan Dreyer)

Fichera and Dreyer outlined their love story on their wedding website. The two met at WHDH, when they both worked the morning shift. Fichera, an Easton, Massachusetts, native, started working at the station about a year after Dreyer joined as a meteorologist.

At first, Dreyer thought Fichera’s name was Tom, so one of their first inside-jokes was calling each other the wrong name. On the couple’s wedding website, Dreyer wrote that, as they started hanging out more and more, she realized that he was the one.

“When he started working more, he’d hang out more in the Weather Center with our friend Todd. The three of us starting hanging out more and more outside of work, building our friendship and getting closer. After a few years, we had a small party at Brian’s house which we dubbed the Jammy Jam. It was then that I realized I had totally fallen for him and from there it was history.”

The two tied the knot in a ceremony at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston on October 6, 2012.

2. He & Dreyer Welcomed Their Son, Colin, in December 2016

Three days after Savannah Guthrie revealed that she was pregnant, Dreyer announced her own pregnancy back in June 2016.

“We weren’t in a rush to have kids and, to be honest, there was a time when we declared we never wanted kids!” Dreyer wrote in a blog post. “Then one day we both looked at each other and said ‘I want a baby!’ As usual, we were on the same page and it all just seemed right,” she added.

The couple’s son was born in December, just days after Guthrie’s baby was born.

“We didn’t plan the timing of a December baby to get out of winter storm coverage… I swear,” Dreyer wrote.

Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer baby, Dylan Dreyer husband

Before Dreyer gave birth, she was feted with a baby shower on November 22, according to The Today Show. The event was hosted at the Manhattan’s Hunt & Fish Club, with Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Tamron Hall, Savannah Guthrie, Stephanie Ruhle, and Jenna Bush Hager all in attendance.

3. Fichera Performed The Worm Live on the ‘Today Show’ When They Announced the Baby

After Dreyer announced that she was having a baby, Fichera made an appearance on TodayTamron Hall mentioned that Fechera can do The Worm dance. He was a apprehensive about performing on live television, but he eventually did it.

During the segment, Dreyer revealed how she told Fichera that she was having a boy. She bought balloons and had Fichera pop each one until he found the one that included a message confirming the baby’s gender. Fichera said that their downstairs neighbors weren’t too happy about all the balloon popping.

“To the neighbor that’s concerned about the balloons, you ain’t heard nothing yet, because there’s a baby coming!” Roker joked.

4. He & Dreyer Listed Their Upper West Side Apartment in December 2016

Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer Husband, Today Show weather girl

(Instagram/Dylan Dreyer)

In early 2016, Dreyer took the Today Show cameras on a tour of the Manhattan apartment she shared with Fichera when they moved to New York after leaving Boston.

“I love that the kitchen is open to the rest of the living space. I love to cook and this way I don’t feel like I’m removed from everything else going on while I’m in the kitchen,” she said.

However, the couple no longer lives there. As they revealed on Today in June, they moved into a new apartment in the city.

In December 2015, reported that Dreyer and Fichera listed their Upper West Side co-op for $862,000. They bought it for $580,000 in 2012. It was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, which covered just 700 square feet.

5. He Proposed to Dreyer at His Parents’ House in Easton, Massachusetts

Dreyer and Fichera got engaged in July 2011. He proposed to her on the front porch of his parents’ house in Easton, Massachusetts.

“When I saw there were roses and two glasses of champagne, I knew,” Dreyer told the Boston Globe.

The couple returns to Boston occasionally. For example, they were in Easton in December 2015 for an event to support the Joslin Diabetes Center.

When the couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, Dreyer wrote on Instagram:

“I thought October 6, 2012 was the best day of my life…the day I married hands-down the most wonderful person in the world. Little did I know every single day since then would be better than the day before. Brian, thank you for all my smiles, all my laughs, for making my heart bigger, for making life better, and for our little guy who we’ll get to meet in a couple more months! Love you! Happy Anniversary!”