‘Catching Kelce’ Cast: Top 20 Contestants 2016

"Catching Kelce" Cast - Top 20 Girlfriends

Athlete Travis Kelce is in search of love on his new reality dating show Catching Kelce. He met with one girl from every state in America and has narrowed the cast members down to the top 20 contestants. Now, before we get into each of these girls, E! sat down with Kelce to talk about the end result ... Did he find love? Though he didn't reveal the winner's identity, Kelce did state: She's an absolutely wonderful girl. Right now, we're in a tough part just because we can't really just get up and go. We have to be mindful of where we go, who we're going to be seen in front of with. It's a little difficult right now, but I think once the show is over with we can definitely have some fun. So who are the top 20 girls who have caught Kelce's eye so far on the show? Check out some of the girls in our girlfriends gallery. (E!/Instagram)

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