Christina Milian as Magenta in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016

Christina Milian as "Magenta"

Christina Milian is playing the part of Magenta, the castle's maid, in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, airing on FOX. In the film, Magenta and her brother, Riff Raff, hatch a secret plan to return to their home planet of Transsexual. In an interview with In Style, Milian opened up about the struggles she had finding her own style with the character, explaining: The most challenging part of playing Magenta was knowing that there have been so many great Magentas before me, including Patricia Quinn in the original "Rocky Horror Picture Show." So when you’re watching it, you’re almost making comparisons to such great, legendary classics of what the movie was—well, what the movie is, because people still go see the movie and the plays. I have a lot of respect for the musical theater plays. I wanted to come in and give the same type of energy that the original Magenta has and with a lot of respect to the script and to knowing that I’m not here to change it up, but to add my own twist to it or my own character to it. Milian also went on to talk about how the cast had a great time together and being on set was like "a party." For more information on the remake and Milian's role, click through our gallery of her best photos from working on the project. (©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Wilkie/FOX)

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