Frank Catania Jr – Dolores’ Ex-Husband: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’


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Frank Catania is SOOOOO SUPER HOT, SEXY, DELICIOUS. I LOVE everything about him, and would lick him head to toe. I bet they get back together…..They both love each other and are both still in love they both said it on the show. The one you pursue is where your heart is. LUCKY, LUCKY Delores!!!!! You got it made girlfriend.


Is this guy Frank creepy or what???? He’s a psychopath in a relationship with 2 woman it’s no different than polygamy (legal polygamy)……… Creepy strange wacky family………… And, where is the girlfriend what a wacko she must be I guess she only Cares about money as long as he pays the bills she’ll keep using him……………………….

Ct Girl

I’m sorry but I disagree with you Humble. Frank and Dolores have shown their children that they are their priority. I wish more divorced couples would do the same for the sake of their children instead of using them as pawns to hurt the other spouse.

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