Top 10 Best Sexy Last-Minute Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

Last-Minute Sexy Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

Halloween is here. Did you figure out what you're going to wear for your costume yet? Are you celebrating with some of your hot friends? Maybe you need to come up with a last-minute idea for your group of girlfriends. Check out our gallery here for the top 10 best DIY costumes available as options for all your sexy and slutty needs. Let's start with this one ... This is a hot photo isn't it? Basically, this is just an easy way to show off your body on Halloween. Stick to red, white and blue and that's all you need. These girls are showing that they are Patriotic ... but do you really care what they're costumes are supposed to be? Click through our gallery for 10 more sexy Ninja Turtle ideas, nerd costumes, gymnasts and more. (Pinterest)

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