Halloween Party Decorations 2016: Top 5 Best DIY Ideas

halloween party decorations

Here are five great tips for Halloween party decorations. (Getty)

Want to decorate your home for Halloween but don’t have a lot of money or extra time? These are the best do-it-yourself Halloween decorations that you can put together in time for October 31. Decorations don’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. Here are five great and easy decorations that you can put together in no time at all.

1. Grave Stones

To make a grave stone, take some cardboard or black foam and cut it in the shape of a tombstone. Paint the tombstone white or cover it in white construction paper. Write funny names in black marker or paint on the stones. You can hang the stones on your wall or use wooden stakes to plant the “stones” into the ground outside. Place some tealights around the stones and some fake hands or limbs for an eerie look.

2. Shadow Figures on Your Windows

Shadow figures are super easy to make and can be really creepy! Take black poster board or construction paper and cut out any shapes you want, such as hands, black cats, or ghosts. According to CBS Tampa Bay, you’ll get an even better look if you attach the shapes to wax paper, as this will soften the shapes and the light shining through them. Tape the paper in your windows and leave lights behind them for a very creepy look.

You can also do handprints on your window if you prefer, and you can even make them look bloody. You can turn pretty much any shape into a window silhouette cutout for Halloween:

3. Glowing Eyes

You don’t need much to create glowing eyes that will delight and surprise all the trick-or-treaters who come to your house. Just gather some toilet paper rolls, draw scary eyes on the rolls, and cut out the eyes. Glue or tape a glow stick inside each toilet or paper towel roll. Or, you can use duct tape to close up the ends of the rolls and leave the glow sticks loose inside. Hide the sticks around your house or in bushes in your front yard to surprise guests.

4. Spider Web on the Wall

There are several kinds of spider web decorations you can put on your walls, One kind, pictured above, just uses gauze or stretched out cotton balls, taped to your wall. If you want something a little more intricate, you can create a spider web like the one described by The Art of Doing Stuff. All you need is some yarn and double-sided sticky tape, along with one or two fake spiders. To create the spider web look, you’ll just need to hang the yarn in concentric circles that get larger and larger on the wall. Attach the yarn to the wall with sticky tape and let the yarn drape a little in between the pieces of tape. Add a few extra pieces of yarn perpendicular to the circles, along with a big spider, and you’ll have a nice looking but inexpensive spider web.

Want to be a little more intricate? Crochet your own spider web:

5. Hanging Bats

You can buy or sew bat decorations like the ones pictured above, or you can make simpler bats in just a few minutes. If you have black construction paper and some crafty “googly eyes,” then you’re pretty much set for making a bat. First, find a pattern for a bat online. Then print and cut out the pattern, place it over black construction paper and cut out your bats. Next, glue squiggly eyes onto the bat’s face, punch a small hole in the tail, and hang your bat in your house or outside. It’s really cute!

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