Is Adam Lambert Dating or Single?

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Adam Lambert fans, it looks like you’re in luck! The 34-year-old is currently single– at least, we’re pretty sure he is!

From November 2010 to April 2013, Lambert was dating Finnish TV personality Sauli Koskinen. 31-year-old Koskinen was the winner of Big Brother 2007, and currently works as an entertainment reporter. On April 7, 2013, The Daily Mail reported that the two had split because of their extremely hectic schedules. Lambert told South Florida Gay News, “It’s been kind of on its way out in the last couple of months. Sauli and I remain really good friends, and I know it’s a cliché thing to say. But it’s totally true.” At the time, Lambert was busy traveling and touring, while Koskinen was busy filming a Finnish TV show. To prove their ongoing friendship, Lambert told the news outlet that had bought Koskinen a coffee and bagel the morning of the interview.

Recently, rumors have surfaced that Lambert is dating singer Sam Smith– the two have been spotted multiple times over the past few weeks, and have publicized their encounters on social media. However, Inquisitr reports that the two aren’t dating… they’re just collaborating. The news outlet writes, “Sam Smith and Adam Lambert are good friends who happen to be working together in the studio.”

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Lambert has admitted that he’s not totally against dating another high-profiled celebrity. “In some ways, it would be good because you’d both understand the world you live in, but it might get competitive.” Sources have told the Mirror, “Sam and Adam have been friends for a while and often text each other but seem to have grown closer recently.” Only time will tell what’s in store for the singers, but one thing’s certain– they look pretty great together!

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