Is Christina Milian Dating or Single?

Christina Milian is single… for now. But based on Milian’s interview with Wendy Williams this week, the singer is also ready to mingle. With someone in particular.

Around 1:30 am early Wednesday morning, Milian was caught with her ex, Nick Cannon, on the dance floor at a Jamaican club in Queens. A source told TMZ that the two are still just friends, but Milian recently told Wendy she wouldn’t say no to Nick if he was interested. When Wendy asked who she would secretly spy on if she were single for one day, Milian said Nick Cannon. Then, later on in the interview, Wendy asked Milian what she would say if Cannon called her up and said he wanted her back. Milian responded: “I’d say let’s get something to eat.”

Milian met Nick Cannon on the set of their 2003 film Love Don’t Cost a Thing. They dated for two and a half years before Cannon cheated on her and they split. In February 2009, news emerged that Milian was dating musician The-Dream, whose real name is Terius Youngdell Nash. The two got engaged in May 2009, and officially tied the knot on September 4, 2009. One week later, it was announced that Milian and Nash were expecting their first child together. After a year, the two revealed they’d separated three months after their wedding. Their divorced was made final on October 23, 2011.

In 2010, Milian went on to date Jas Prince, the son of Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, James Prince. The couple dated for three years, and in 2013, they announced that they were engaged. One year later, however, Milian announced that she’d moved out of Prince’s home and that the wedding was off.

More recently (July 2014) the 35-year-old had a romance with rapper ‘Lil Wayne. The couple attended the ESPY awards together, and confirmed their relationship in mid-2015. They split at the end of 2015. When Wendy asked Milian if she would get back together wth Wayne if he called her begging for her, Milian said no, and that she likes where their friendship stands.

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1 Comment


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