WATCH: James Hinchcliffe’s Nearly Fatal Indy Car Crash Video from 2015

Tonight’s theme on Dancing With the Stars is “most memorable year” and what do you think James Hinchcliffe will focus on for his performance? Hinchcliffe may not have a wife and family like some of the other contestants, but he has had a life-altering occurrence within the last year. Hinchcliffe has chosen to discuss the deadly Indy car crash he was involved in last year in 2015.

The accident occurred while practicing for the Indianapolis 500 and Hinchcliffe has stated that he actually doesn’t even remember the accident. On his third run, Hinchcliffe crashed into a barrier wall and the car then slid on its side. When the car hit the wall, it broke into pieces, with one shard going into Hinchcliffe’s thigh, which struck an artery and required surgery. The apparent cause of the crash was a failure to his front, right suspension at around 221 mph, according to Sports Center.

When talking about the crash in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hinchcliffe stated:

I suffered a pretty big concussion and I have no memory of the accident itself … was, honestly, I was so lucky. For those 100 things that went wrong, 1,000 things had to go just right for me, not only to survive that, but to be able to race again, and be able to have absolutely no lasting side effects.

Hinchcliffe made it back into a race car in just four months. His DWTS pro partner Sharna Burgess talked about how she felt Hinchcliffe’s ordeal made him strong and she said:

Being a competitor helped him recover and get back in the driver’s seat just four months after flatlining on the table. That experience changed him and I think hearing that story will make people understand how and why he lives for every moment and finds the light in every situation. He, more than anyone, knows that life is too short.

The accident occurred on May 18, 2015 on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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