Remembering Lea Porter: The Photos You Need to See

Lea Porter was just 19-years-old when she disappeared. She had just recently split from her 38-year-old boyfriend, Jesse Mine, who decided to head back East to get clean. Lea, heartbroken and homeless, reached out to friends on social media, looking for a place to stay. Her high school classmate, Christopher Waide, opened his home to her. A few days later, after no one had heard from Lea, she was reported missing. Both the police and Lea's brother, Maxx, were suspicious of Waide, and Maxx decided to befriend him as part of his own investigation. Maxx reached out to Waide one day, asking if he'd meet up and do a tarot card reading to help find Lea-- Waide obliged. Little did he know, Maxx was secretly recording their conversation. After repeatedly asking where Lea was, Waide finally confessed to Lea's murder and turned himself in. Christopher Waide was arrested and sentenced to 48 years behind bars. Although Lea's killer has been identified, her family still has no idea where her body is. Click through our gallery to view photos in memory Lea, and to learn more about the case. (Facebook/HelpFindLeaPorter)

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