Lynn Hartman & Steven Avery Breakup: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On October 3 and 4, Lynn Hartman, Steven Avery’s fiancée, is set to appear on the Dr. Phil show to discuss her relationship with Steven Avery. However, since taping the interview, Avery has dumped Lynn, saying that she’s a “golddigger”.

Read on for more info about the Hartman-Avery breakup.

1. They Met for the First Time in September

Lynn and Steven got to know one another through a series of letters they sent back and forth (Steven is currently in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach). They dated for eight months, alternating between writing and speaking to one another on the phone. The two didn’t meet in person until September.

Steven Avery was sentenced to life without parole in 2005 for the murder of 25-year-old photographer, Teresa Halbach. Though the conviction was upheld, appeal motions were filed in January of this year.

In 1985, Avery was also convicted of rape and attempted murder. He was exonerated after serving 18 years of his 32-year sentence, as DNA testing proved he was not guilty.

2. Their Engagement Lasted 9 Days

Avery and Hartman’s engagement lasted only nine days. According to the Daily Mail, Avery popped the question while in prison.

After proposing last week, Avery told the, “She’s going to be my future wife, we’ll be laughing forever.” He added on, “I’m happy, she treats me decent, she loves me, she’s kind of spoiling me right now. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life, I think I did enough time.”

3. Avery’s Former Fiancée Was the Person Who Informed the Public That Steven Had Dumped Lynn

On Monday, Steven’s former fiancee, Sandra Greenman, took to Facebook on his behalf with a post that read, “I have a statement that I need passed around to groups. Steve called me two times tonight and wants everyone to know that Lynn and him are done. She has been in this relationship for money and publicity. His eyes are finally opened!!! Lynn received at least $5000 from Dr. Phil, and he thinks more. She got another $1000 for doing other shows. She also wanted to be on as many as possible.”

Sandra Greenman and Avery started dating after he was convicted of Halbach’s murder. The couple remained together even after he was imprisoned. US Magazine writes, “Though she eventually called off their engagement — he refused to adopt Christianity as his faith — Greenman still keeps in touch with her ex and insists that he’s innocent.”

4. Steven Wanted Someone to Contact Dr. Phil Before the Interview Aired

The latter half of Greenman’s Facebook post expressed Steven’s wishes that someone contact Dr. Phil and “let him know [Hartman] was only in the relationship for money.” Greenman then went on to write, “I checked and doublechecked with him to make very sure he wanted this put on and he said very much so.”

5. Lynn Told Dr. Phil They Said ‘I Love You’ During Their First Phone Call

During Monday’s airing, Lynn told Dr. Phil that the two said “I love you” the first time they heard one another’s voices on the phone. During his phone interview with Dr. Phil, Steven says, “I haven’t been in love my whole life. It’s not the same as the others. Everything is all different with her.”

Hartman and Avery kept their relationship quiet at first, as they feared online harassment and “accusations of going after Avery for the fame” (which Steven now claims are true).

In fact, Steven was quite adamant about convincing the public that Lynn was in the relationship for the right reasons. On September 23, Curtis Busse posted on the Steven Avery Project Facebook page, writing,

There have been some misunderstandings about lynn and her intentions, he wants to remind you all that her intentions are true and her and Steven are very much in love and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Steven asks that you respect his future wife and respect their relationship, rumors that are made about there relationship are false and if it isn’t coming from steven directly it’s not true.
Always remember this man has wrongfully served 30 years in prison, even if you don’t agree 100% with his decisions you have to agree that he deserves to be happy. I apologize for having the unessary drama on the page as of lately, that’s not what this page is about and it wont ever be.

– Curtis

Part 2 of Dr. Phil’s interview with Lynn Hartman is set to air on Tuesday, October 4.

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