MattyBRaps Grounded: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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MattyBRaps tweeted that he has been grounded from the Internet. (Twitter/MattyBRaps)

Matthew David Morris, the 13-year-old rapper better known to his fans as MattyBRaps, tweeted on October 3 that he has been “grounded” from the Internet. The message sparked a Twitter trend, #FreeMattyB. Morris declined to explain what he meant right away.

Two days after he was “grounded,” Morris posted a new music video, explaining that his fans have to watch the video to learn why he was grounded.

Here is a look at Morris and how he built up his massive fan base.

1. Morris Tweeted a Photo of Himself at School, Writing That He ‘Just Got Grounded’ From the Internet’

Morris posted the above photo, which sparked the trend #FreeMattyB. “So sorry guys. I’ll explain later,” he wrote at 3:09 p.m. ET on October 3. “Just got grounded from the Internet,” the sign in the picture reads.

A few hours before that message, he tweeted a photo of his legs while sitting in the principal’s office. And before that message, he wrote “They say that we reckless. They say we can’t do it our own way. They can’t promise tomorrow so let’s live for today.”

On October 5, Morris posted the following video for the song “Live For Today.”

2. Morris Started His Music Career When He Was Just 7 Years Old

Morris was born in Atlanta on January 6, 2003 and started his career on YouTube when he was only 7 years old. He garnered attention with his covers and appeared on several shows. When he was 7, he appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and went on to perform on The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America and The Queen Latifah Show.

3. He Already Has a Memoir Out Called ‘That’s a Rap’

He might only be 13, but Morris has already lived such and interesting life that publisher Gallery Books gave him a book deal. In June, his memoir That’s A Rap came out and was co-written by Travis Thrasher.

Thrasher also wrote Go Big Or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream with Scotty McCreery, as well as other faith-based books.

Morris also has a sister, who he paid tribute to with a cover of “True Colors” in 2014. The video, seen below, has over 80.9 million views.

4. He Released an EP Called ‘Outside the Lines’ Last Year

Morris already has over 50 singles listed on iTunes. In 2015, he recorded Outside The Lines, an EP made up of four original songs. The first song he posted on iTunes was a remix of the Bruno Mars song “Just The Way You Are” with Tyler Ward.

5. MattyBRaps Has Over 7 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Morris’ YouTube page has over 7 million subscribers. His most popular video is the above cover of “Call Me Maybe” he did in 2012. It has over 160 million million views.

On Twitter, Morris has over 827,000 followers. He’s even more popular on Facebook, where he has 8.7 million likes.

Earlier this year, Morris was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Music. He lost to the late Christina Grimmie.


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Wow I never new doing raps and songs and remixes got him in trouble . usually he would make the best songs ever !!! Sorry matt hope you get out of your punishment

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