‘Rectify’, Season 4: Meet the Cast

Aden Young as Daniel Holden

Daniel Holden was convicted of the rape and murder of a teenage girl when he was just 18, and spent nearly two decades on death row as a result of it. When DNA evidence cleared him on a technicality, he was set free. In an interview discussing whether or not Daniel actually committed the crime he went to prison for, actor Aden Young was asked, "You’ve said that, over the seasons, you’ve asked Ray McKinnon whether or not Daniel really did this crime or not, but that he wouldn’t tell you. Did you come to a point where you had to just be okay with never getting those answers?" Young responded, "Season 1 had been so much about Daniel’s infancy and being reborn into this world, Season 2 was different in that it was his adolescence. It was his opportunity to taste the world without consequence. And I didn’t want to know what was coming. By the end of it, I was at the point where I needed to know. I went to Ray and said, 'I’m frustrated and running out of room for ambiguity. Did I do it or didn’t I?' And he told me. So, I know now. That’s all that matters." (Getty)

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