Sebastian Taylor Thomaz – Amber Rose’s Son

Amber Rose's Son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Amber Rose has one child, a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, with whom she had with ex Wiz Khalifa. Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, she will pay tribute to her son for the episode's theme "most memorable year," performing a Samba routine to “Woman Up” by Meghan Trainor. Amber Rose's memorable year is 2013, which was the year that her son was born. Just before Sebastian was born, Amber prepped her Twitter followers, posting this message online: Hey Rosebuds & Rosestuds Muva won't be back on twitter until Wizbud is born I need 2 mediate & focus on our Lil boy Luv u talk soon. Amber ended up having a c-section though she originally planned for a natural, at-home birth with a mid-wife. Unfortunately, she was advised for a surgical birth as her son was in a breach position. Sebastian was delivered and Amber Rose couldn't have been happier. For more information on her relationship with her son's dad, her baby boy Sebastian and her love life, click through our gallery of her son's best Instagram photos. (Instagram)

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