Second Presidential Debate: Best Celebrity Tweets You Need to See

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The second debate takes place at Washington University in St. Louis. (Getty)

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump marks Trump’s first public appearance since a 2005 tape of Trump telling Billy Bush about a failed sexual encounter with Nancy O’Dell. As they did during the first debate late last month, celebrities are out in force live-tweeting their thoughts as the debate goes on.

The second presidential debate started at 9 p.m. ET from Washington University in St. Louis, with Martha Raddatz of ABC News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper co-moderating. The debate is in a town hall format.

Here are some of the best live tweets from the debate. This post will continue to be updated as the debate continues.

A Texas justice had an oddly funny tweet at the start of the debate.

Comedian Patton Oswalt yelled about how Trump and Clinton did not shake hands.

Leslie Jones tweeted throughout the entire debate.

Jones also liked to curse at the television.

Are Trump’s comments really what you hear in a locker room?

Former Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley insists that it’s not locker room talk.

MSNBC’s Joy Reed noticed when Trump began talking about Bill Clinton.

Director Joe Carnahan wrote:

Actor Tom Payne noted that Trump just called Clinton the devil:

Arianna Huffington suggested that this needs to end with the introduction to Saturday Night Live.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia suggested that this needs horror movie music.

Wrestler Dalton Castle:

Adam Baldwin made fun of Anderson Cooper:

Shameless star Emmy Rossum noted that Trump’s original call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. is still on his website.

Donald Trump’s campaign has been live-tweeting at his Twitter page:

Pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. tweeted:

Maria Shriver tweeted about the discussion on Russia’s apparent attempt to influence the election.

Grace Parra joked about the “other” Lincoln movie not referenced.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan thinks that we’re living in Mad Max, not Idiocacy.

Judge Jeanine Pirro wrote about Clinton’s ideas:

Sarah Silverman wrote:

Raddatz has been earning some acclaim:

Although Raddatz has been criticized by others:

Daniel Kibblesmith, a Late Night with Stephen Colbert writer, wrote:

Patton Oswalt was disappointed that there were no questions about climate change.

As the debate ended, Jessica Chastain wrote:

John Francis Daley liked the positive question at the end.

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