Steve Dillon Cause of Death: How Did ‘Preacher’ Creator Die?

steve dillon

Steve Dillon’s Twitter profile picture.

Comic book genius Steve Dillon, co-creator of the iconic Punisher series, has died, according to his brother, leaving behind many devastated fans.

Dillon’s brother, Glyn, confirmed the death on Twitter on October 22, saying that Steve Dillon had died in New York City.

The news also broke through this tweet from Warren Ellis, a British graphic novelist.

Dillon, 54, died from a ruptured appendix he initially thought was food poisoning, according to The New York Times.

Tributes immediately poured into Twitter, with people expressing shock over Dillon’s death and admiration for Dillon’s talents. also reported that Dillon has died.

Dillon, who was born in England in 1962, last posted on Twitter on October 7. Bleeding Cool reported of Dillon, “We knew he’d been sick in recent years but, of late had been teetotal. He’d slimmed down dramatically and his workload was ramping up… He still hit the bars, though now with a glass of lemonade, and remained the life and soul.”

His Twitter profile says he was a “Comic book bloke. Co-creator/Artist of ‘Preacher’. Co-founder/Editor of ‘Deadline’ magazine. Artist on ‘Punisher’, ‘Judge Dredd’ and many others.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dillon is best known for creating, with writer Garth Ennis, “the mindbending, hyper-violent, and quite amazing DC/Vertigo series Preacher, about a small town Texas man-of-the-cloth named Jesse Custer who discovers he make people do whatever he commands.”

AMC turned The Preacher into a television series that aired after The Walking Dead. Dillon illustrated the series from 1995 to 2000, said CBR.

The tributes flooded into Twitter. said that Dillon was “an artistic prodigy” who started illustrating professional comic books at age 16 when he drew “the lead story for the debut issue of Hulk Weekly for Marvel UK.”

Fans shared examples of his work, saying it will live on.

Dillon worked on British comic book magazines in the 1980s and then created a comics magazine called Deadline, which existed for seven years, says The site said that Dillon broke into prominence in the 1990s in the United States when he first teamed with Ennis on Vertigo Comics’ John Constantine series Hellblazer.

Dillon had three children and two grandchildren, said The New York Times.

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