‘Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le’ Reactions: The Best Tweets & Memes

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Michel’le Toussaint in 2015. (Getty)

Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le aired on Lifetime, despite Dr. Dre’s attempts to stop the network from airing the film. It centers on his relationship with singer Michel’le Toussaint, the mother of one of his children. The film sparked a strong reaction from Twitter, with plenty of viewers offering funny thoughts on a film with a very serious subject.

Michel’le claims that Dr. Dre abused her, claims that Dre has denied. During the week, his lawyers attempted to stop Lifetime and Sony Pictures TV, which produced the film, from airing it. However, Michel’le, who was also married to Suge Knight, stood by her claims and Lifetime aired the film. It does include a disclaimer at the end that reads, “Dr. Dre, through his attorney, denies abusing Michel’le and challenges her credibility.”

Many viewers suggested on Twitter that the film will change their point of view of Dr. Dre. Others praised Lifetime for sticking to their plans to air it. Some also reacted to the portrayal of Suge Knight. R. Marcos Taylor, who played Knight in Straight Outta Compton, reprised his role in the Lifetime movie. Michel’le was played by Rhyon Nicole Brown.

Here are some of the best Twitter GIFs and memes shared in response to the film.

Rapper Charlamagne Tha God was watching it live.

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One person used Forrest Gump.

One user applauded Lifetime for airing the film.

Another noted how ironic it was that Dre calls his headphone line “Beats By Dre.”

Another used a Community GIF to show how Dre might react to seeing the film.

One user suggested that Dre should shut down his Instagram account because of the comments he’ll be getting.

One site found it a little odd for Michel’le to say that, “We were the Jay Z and Beyonce of the 1990s.”

Author Tanisha C. Ford praised Michel’le for telling her story.

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Some joked about how Apple might react to this, as the tech giant owns Beats by Dre.

Here’s another bit of praise for Michel’le.

Some speculated about how Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, would be taking this.

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One person suggested that this was Lifetime’s best biopic.

Most viewers were on Michel’le’s side and happy to see that she moved on from the relationship.

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Essence couldn’t believe that Michel’le went through this.

For others, it really changed the way they look at Dre now.

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Crying Michael Jordan came out.

Some were surprised to hear Michel’le say that she and Dre were like the Jay Z and Beyonce of the ’90s.

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One more praise for Lifetime: