‘Survivor’ Season 33 – Episode 3 Spoilers

"Survivor" Season 33 - Episode 3 Spoilers

Tonight airs episode 3 of long-running TV series Survivor, which is in its 33rd season. The theme this season is Millennials vs. Gen. X and two contestants have already been eliminated. The cast members who have already exited the island are Rachel Ako of the Takali tribe (Gen. X) and Mari Takahashi of the Vanua tribe (Millenials). When it comes to the differences between the two tribes, host Jeff Probst previously told Entertainment Weekly: The differences between the two groups are quickly apparent, and the Millennials often left me challenging my own way of looking at the world. There is so much appealing energy from the Millennials, and yet often that energy leads to quick decisions that aren’t always well thought out. With Gen X, you see a tendency to overthink and get stuck in one way of thinking, which can prevent mistakes, but can also hold you back from seizing opportunities. I feel really confident the audience is going to enjoy the season very much. As far as tonight's episode goes, the official synopsis reads: Castaways get a chance to mingle with the “enemy,” and balance and precision are tested at a tough immunity challenge. For more information on tonight's show, click through our gallery of photos from the episode.
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