Tamra Judge’s Kids – Daughter Sidney with Ex-Husband Simon Barney

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In the early years of the Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw Tamra Judge struggle in an unhappy marriage with her ex-husband Simon Barney. Judge has three children with Barney – daughters Sidney and Sophia, along with son Spencer. She also has a son named Ryan Vieth from a previous relationship.

Currently, Judge is married to Eddie Judge and no longer has a relationship with her ex-husband. Unfortunately for Judge, her children have become a sore spot for her as she’s estranged from her daughter Sidney and says she hasn’t seen her for two years. When Sidney went to live with her father in 2014, Judge says her daughter completely cut off contact with her, saying that she was experiencing “parental alienation.” Judge previously told Radar Online:

As a result of [the drama], [Sidney’s] brother, Spencer, lives with me full time and he doesn’t speak to his dad. It’s a mess. I have asked, like, ‘Can the four of us sit down?’ … I truly believe kids need both their parents. They need both of them to be healthy, successful, happy adults. Now, the situation is just so messed up and [Simon] won’t agree to it.

All About The Real Housewives published a text message conversation between Judge and her daughter in 2014 and Sidney’s words were that she felt she couldn’t trust her mother. She said that she thought her mother was selfish and that her mother doesn’t listen to her feelings.

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Do you think Tamra Judge will ever be able to repair her relationship with her daughter Sidney?