Vanessa Cole’s Boyfriend Mike Wallace: Cheating Rumors on ‘WAGS’

Vanessa Cole & Boyfriend Mike Wallace

On WAGS Miami, Vanessa Cole opens up to her friends Darnell Nicole and Ashley Nicole Roberts after cheating allegations are brought up against her man. Hencha Voight brought up rumors that her boyfriend Mike Wallace has been stepping out on Vanessa. Vanessa tells Darnell and Ashley: I can't sleep at night 'cause I'm thinking about this. Is it true? Could he be doing something? Does he really love me? All these things, and it's like, fuck, I don't want to be in this place, and that's what really hurts. I love Mike to death. I'll do anything for him, and I just don't feel like I get 100 percent of him, and I really don't think he really knows how much it hurts me. Vanessa then continues: That's how much I bottle it up, and I just suppress my feelings. Me being in a numb space kind of really makes me feel alright 'cause I hate being in this space. I feel like I'm fighting for this family. I feel like I'm fighting for him, and it's like, damn, have I spent all this time for nothing? When Hencha tells Vanessa that her man is hitting up a friend of hers, Vanessa doesn't know what to believe. Vanessa Cole has famous family members and she is successful as a former model and realtor. According to 2Paragraphs, Vanessa and her man have been together for seven years and they have 2 children together. Wallace signed an $11.5 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens in March 2016. For more information on the couple's relationship, cheating rumors and more, click through our gallery of their best Instagram pics. (Instagram/TheVanessaCole)

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