Victoria Justice as Janet Weiss – ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016

Victoria Justice as Janet Weiss

In recent months, actress Victoria Justice, age 23, hosted the 2016 Teen Choice Awards with John Cena and now she's starring in the FOX remake of the legendary cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In an interview with Movie Fone, Justice talked about what draws her to the character Janet Weiss in the film, explaining: I think what I love most about Janet would have to be -- I mean, I love her character arc, as an actor, that was so much fun to play. Starting off as this very demure girl who just wants to love Brad, and her world revolves around Brad and she just wants to get married and have the white picket fence life so badly. She continued: And then, when she enters the castle to meet Dr. Frank N. Furter, for her whole world to be flipped upside down, and for her to kind of come to terms with her own sexuality and have this sexual awakening was so super liberating to play and was so much fun for me. When Justice first heard about the remake, she notified her agent immediately that she wanted to audition for the project. Having a stomach flu during her audition probably didn't help her acting and singing, but clearly, she made the perfect impression. For more of what Justice had to say about her sexuality in the film and about her character, click through our gallery of her best pics from the project. (©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Steve Wilkie/FOX)