Who Got Voted Off of ‘Survivor’ Tonight?

On tonight’s episode of Survivor, another cast member was sent home and the castaway who was voted off the show was …

In the beginning of the episode, Jessica told Ken about having a Legacy advantage because she wanted him to trust her. Meanwhile, the other contestants went on the hunt for an idol. Fortunately for David, he was able to find an idol.

Another major moment was when the two tribes were switched around to form three. Now, the three tribes are Takali, Vanua and Ika Bula.

As for the immunity challenge, when the cast members had to battle through this episode’s obstacles, two groups won immunity from being voted off the island tonight. And, Michaela took the first win, with Ika Bula earning immunity. Then, Ken of Takali took the second win, getting immunity as well. This meant that Vanua would head into tribal council and would face possible elimination. This also meant, that scheming among the Vanua group members was thrust into overdrive.

The cast members who are in the Vanua tribe are Chris Hammons, Michelle Schubert, Zeke Smith, Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor and David Wright. Chris has a hard time trusting David. David doesn’t really trust Michelle.

At the same time, David, Chris and Michelle were vying for CeCe to be voted out, but several members of the tribe had their reservations. No one really knew who they could trust. When it came to tribal council, the votes were in and someone was eliminated. The first vote was for Michelle, then CeCe, then CeCe again. The next vote was CeCe, sending her home with three votes.

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(Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS Entertainment ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

After her eviction, CeCe told the cameras that she felt betrayed.

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