Who Will Negan Kill in ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere?

Walking dead finale

Who will die in The Walking Dead premiere? (Gene Page/AMC)

Fans are ready to watch The Walking Dead on Sunday night, when they will finally find out who Negan is going to kill. The finale for Season 6 left a huge cliffhanger that’s been the source of a lot of controversy. But after all this time, fans will finally get their answer. After you read this post, take the poll at the end of the article and tell us which character you think Negan is going to kill. (Note: If you’re here looking for what happened in the premiere, please see our story here.) 

Here’s what we know so far. This does not include any comic book spoilers, but it does include spoilers for the Season 6 finale itself.

At the end of Season 6, Negan had corralled a group of our favorite characters and was threatening to beat one of them to death. Rick, Abraham, Daryl, Sasha, Carl, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Michonne, Aaron, and Maggie were in the group whose lives were threatened. At the end, Negan chose one person and began beating him/her. But the camera faded to black before that character’s identity was revealed. Fans were livid about the cliffhanger and the producers even apologized for the choice later.

To this day, fans have been debating about who Negan chose. Here’s that last scene, to refresh your memory:

In a poll that Heavy ran after the finale, most people voted for Glenn being the person that Negan is going to kill, with the second-greatest number of votes going to Abraham. Let’s look at different theories on who might be Negan’s pick.

It seems unlikely Carl will be chosen, mostly because of the dialogue in that last scene. Negan made his pick and then said something about cutting out Carl’s eye if anyone interfered. Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl seem to have enough plot armor to protect them (and a large enough fan following) to protect them. Aaron, Sasha, and Rosita just don’t seem to be important enough to warrant a season-ending cliffhanger. Meanwhile, Glenn or Maggie would be among the most heart-wrenching deaths, given their history, romance, and unborn baby. Michonne would also be a gut-wrenching choice, since she is such a loved character now and has started a romance with Rick.

Whoever was hit “took it like a champ,” according to Negan. So it might also be worthwhile to consider which of the characters seems toughest. That could be Glenn, Rick, Daryl, Abraham, or even Michonne. Other fans have said there seemed to be a shadow on Rick’s face that might indicate the person chosen was on Rick’s left side or Negan’s right. That would leave Sasha, Aaron, Carl, or Eugene as the possible picks. Some fans really think it will be Eugene because of the emotional goodbyes he had with Rick and Abraham before this scene. However, that could also be a red herring to mislead viewers and leave them even more shocked. In the end, whoever is chosen will be really tough to watch.

Who do you think Negan is going to kill? Let us know in this poll below:

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